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Vertex Standard Air Band VXA710 VXA-710 Transceiver


Vertex Standard Air Band VXA710 VXA-710 Transceiver

Vertex Standard VXA-710 "Spirit" NAV-COM Transceiver


  VXA-710 "Spirit" NAV-COM Transceiver

The multiple capabilities of the VXA-710 Spirit yield unmatched operating and monitoring opportunities for the owner on the go! Besides full voice transmit and receive operation on the Air Band, the VXA-710 Spirit also provides extensive VOR and CDI Navigation tools, along with convenient reception of the FM Broadcast band during down time. And you get the additional monitoring excitement afforded by receiver coverage of the Business Radio Service (BRS) band, a Vertex exclusive!


- Long-Life Lithium-Ion Battery included
- RX Battery Saver Mode
- 160 Memories with Pre-programmed BOOK Memories
- Multi-Color Strobe LED for Status Indication and Emergency Light in Dark
- VOR Navigation Display
- Back-lit Keypad and Display with Dimmer
- One-Touch Emergency Frequency Access (121.5 MHz)
- Rugged Magnesium Die-Cast Construction
- Rechargeable 1300 MAH Li-Ion Battery offers twice the battery life of any airband receiver available today
- Multi-color Strobe LED

160 Memory Channels (Incl. Pre-programmed "Book" Memories)
The extensive Memory system of the VXA-710 includes 70 "Main" memories, plus ninety preprogrammed "Book" memories, for quick and easy recall of often-used frequencies. The memories may be labeled with a title, for quick recognition.

Submersible (JIS-7)
The VXA-710's case, speaker enclosure, and controls are carefully sealed against water ingress, allowing the transceiver to be specified for protection against water ingress per IPX7 specifications (immersion to 3 feet/1 m for 30 minutes). So you need not fear using your VXA-710 during severe weather.

Rugged Magnesium Die-Cast Construction
The unmatched ruggedness of the VXA-710 is coupled with ultra-light weight, thanks to the die-cast magnesium case and chassis construction. Rubber bumpers on the bottom corners of the case protect it against damage from every-day bumps and scrapes.

Supplied Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
The VXA-710 is supplied with a super-long-life 7.4 V, 1300 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (FNB-80LI), providing many hours of operation and reliable charging without the "memory" effects that can plague other battery types. With the optional CD-15A Charging Stand and NC-72B/C AC Adapter, the FNB-80LI may be charged in as little as 2.5 hours, so you'll quickly be ready for more operating action! And the optional FBA-23 Alkaline Battery Case will accept two "AA" batteries (not supplied) for low power emergency operation. The VXA-710's EXT DC jack will also accept 12 Volts from the NC-72B/C directly (RX only), or from an external power supply.

Receive Battery Saver
This feature helps maximize battery life by deenergizing the receiver section during periods of no activity, waking the receiver up at user-selected intervals to sample for channel activity. If no activity is detected, the Spirit goes back into its "sleep" mode. Current consumption is significantly reduced, thereby maximizing battery life. This feature is only found on Vertex Standard Airband Transceivers.

Multi-Color Strobe LED Status Indicator
Among the more innovative features introduced in the VXA-710 is the full-color Strobe LED, which provides indication of a number of transceiver status items using different colors. Different colors may be selected for each of the above conditions, and a total of 256 color shades are available, for customizing the colors just the way you like them.

Dot Matrix Display
No Airband hand-held transceiver has a display that even compares to the VXA-710's 132 x 64 dot matrix display. Providing clear, easy-to-read indication of frequency and Navigation data alike, the VXA-710's display includes an unparalleled array of graphical and pictorial tools that make operation a breeze.

The Spirit can receive all 10 NOAA weather broadcast frequencies. The Automatic Active Weather Channel Locator (a Vertex Standard exclusive) automatically scans for active NOAA weather stations in your area when WX band is selected.

NOAA "Severe Weather" Alert (U.S.A. Only)
The VXA-710 includes a special feature that sounds an alarm when the special "Severe Weather" alert tone is received from a Weather Broadcast station. This warns you of potentially life-threatening flying conditions.

One Touch Emergency Frequency Access
For lightning-fast access to the 121.5 MHz Emergency Frequency, a dedicated key on the front panel assures you of no delays in summoning help in an emergency.

Backlit Keypad and Display with Dimmer
The front panel's keypad and LCD are illuminated in Vertex Standard's renowned Omni-Glow?amber hue, for excellent visibility and minimal impact on your night vision. The Omni-Glow?display/key illumination may be configured in a number of battery-saving ways. Both Brightness and Contrast are adjustable. You can set the illumination to appear continuously, or only for a few seconds after a key is pressed. You can even turn the "Busy" Strobe off, for additional battery conservation.

PC Programmable
The channel configurations can be easily re-programmed in minutes using the optional PC Programming cable (CT-29+CT-97), software (CE56) and your PC. As your operating needs change, you can quickly reprogram your Spirit with the important frequency data you need.

Frequency Range: TX 118.000 - 136.975 MHz (COM Band),
RX 88.000 - 108.000MHz (FM BC Band),
108.000 - 117.975 MHz (NAV Band),
118.000 - 136.975 MHz (COM Band),
151.5125 - 158.400MHz (BRS Channels),
Weather Channel (WX-01 - WX-10)
Channel Spacing: 5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100 kHz
Emission Type: TX: AM & FM,
Supply Voltage: 4.5 - 15.0 VDC
Current Consumption (approx.): 250 A (Power off),
35 mA (Battery saver on, save ratio 1:5),
60 mA (Squelch on), 180 mA (Receive).
1.7 A/950 mA/650 mA/400 mA
(Transmit FM: 5W/2.5W/1W/0.3W @ 7.4V)
800 mA (Transmit AM: 1.5W Carrier @ 7.4V)
400 mA (Transmit AM: 0.3W Carrier @ 4.5V)
Temperature Range: +14 F to +140 F (10 C to +60 C)
Case Size (W x H x D): 2.36 x 3.78 x 1.12 (60 x 96 x 28.5 mm) w/FNB-80LI
Weight (approx.): 9.9 oz. (280 grams) with FNB-80LI, antenna
Circuit Type: Double-conversion Superheterodyne
IFs: 35.4 MHz & 450 kHz ( AM / NFM ),
45.65 MHz & 10.7MHz ( WFM )
Sensitivity: 88-108 MHz: < 2 V
(for 12 dB SINAD with 1 kHz tone @ 22.5 kHz deviation)
108 MHz-136.975 MHz: < 1 V
(for 6 dB S/N with 1 kHz tone @ 30 % modulation)
144-148 MHz: < 0.32 V
(for 12 dB S/N with 1 kHz tone @ 3.5 kHz deviation)
WX-01 - WX-10: < 0.4 V
(for 12 dB S/N with 1 kHz tone @ 3.5 kHz deviation)
Selectivity: AM/NFM: < 8 kHz/6 dB,
WFM: < 200 kHz/6 dB
Adjacent Ch. Selectivity: AM/NFM: > 25 kHz/60 dB,
WFM: > 300 kHz/60 dB
AF Output: 0.4W @ 8 Ohms, 10 % THD
Power Output: 118 MHz-136.975 MHz:
AM: 5.0 W (PEP),
1.5 W (Carrier Power) @ 7.4 V
FM: 5.0 W @ 7.4 V, AM: 4.0 W (PEP),
1.3 W (Carrier Power) @ 7.4 V
Frequency Stability: Better than 10 ppm
[+14 F to +140 F (10 C to +60 C)]
Modulation System: AM: Low Level Modulation,
FM: variable reactance
Maximum deviation: 5 kHz
Spurious Emission: > 60 dB below carrier
Int. Microphone Type: Condenser
Ext. Mic. Impedance: 150 Ohms

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